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Medical Billing Management, Inc

Our company launched its operations 31 years ago, long before ABA practices were in place.  When we started, we served the billing needs of physician groups and ambulance companies.  These were the old days, when all claims were mailed to the insurance companies via the U.S. Postal Service!  Our client accounts were tracked on ledger cards until finally computer system programs were developed to track medical billing.  We picked one of the first systems to emerge, the old PCN DOS-based system.  Thanks to a wonderful group of clients (and a lot of hard work from our team), we’ve grown steadily: we now serve clients from Bermuda to Hawaii.
We began serving ABA practices shortly after those practices began to appear.  We’ve worked with multiple billing systems on behalf of our clients in both of the practice areas we have long served (ABA and physicians practices). In the ABA arena, we are the experts with both the CentralReach billing system and the AccuPoint system.  

Our clients typically come to us with either problems in their billing operations, or a desire to offload the billing headaches, or both.  Our long history of success for our clients is based on a simple concept: we fix the problems.  In our 31 years of practice, we have seen almost every kind of billing and credentialing and insurance enrollment difficulty! We increase the client’s cash flow time after time.  

If you would like to speak with us, send us a message on our Contact Page on this site,
or just call us at 800-928-1315.  We would love to hear from you.  


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