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Our Services

Growing your ABA practice requires that you not only hire the right people and provide high quality therapy, but also that you competently manage the financial side of your business.  Our company can provide a comprehensive suite of services that will help you with many of those infrastructure requirements.

We know how important it is to your practice that we capably file the claims and promptly collect the money.  But we can help you with much more than that.  Our additional services include:


Pre-Service Support
  • Credentialing with insurances

  • Enrollment of BCBAs with insurances

  • Rate negotiation

On-going Claims Management
  • Denied claims

  • Authorization challenges

  • Billing and tracking of secondary insurance claims

  • Fixing the clearinghouse processes

  • Billing and collecting from your client families

Analytics (CentralReach Users)
  • A/R tracking and billing reports

  • Expected payment timeline by Insurance

Organization Structure/Setup
  • Software integration: CentralReach or AccuPoint®

  • Capable of helping with Medicaid in multiple states

Business Case: Financial Justification

Although MBM is a great fit for many practices, we may not be the best fit for you.  (In those cases, we will happily refer you to others that might be a better fit.)  Consequently, we will work with you to assess whether or not MBM will pay for itself.  We usually more than offset our fees via:

  • Increased collections as denied claims are actively worked.

  • Decreased collections timelines due to daily billing.

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