About Us

Part of Medical Billing Management, Inc

“Wait,” you might be thinking.  “I clicked on a link that says ABABilling.com, and I keep seeing these references to Medical Billing Management.  What’s going on?”

We have long been incorporated as Medical Billing Management, Inc.  For 30 years, we have served clients in three medical arenas: physician practices, ambulance services, and most recently, ABA providers.  In the past few years, the ABA world has grown so rapidly that it has become the largest and fastest-growing part of our business – so much so that we decided that our ABA practice deserved its own website.  That’s where you are now.  

For you, this means that your ABA billing gets a great deal of attention within a well-established, stable and experienced medical billing firm.

If you’d like to know more about the rest of our business, visit us at: www.medical-billings.com