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Curt Anderson, CEO

Curt Anderson has been at the helm of MBM for the past 14 years.  He and his partners purchased MBM from the Founder Brian Sachs, who had launched the company in 1990.  MBM has now expanded its operations in two ways: we have grown geographically from serving Massachusetts clients to serving clients throughout the U.S. mainland, plus Hawaii and the Island of Bermuda....
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George Urban,
Director of Sales

George Urban has been working with Medical Billing Management since 2009.  Prior to joining the company, George was closely involved with the development of a number of important inventions in the electronics industry...

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Bob Jones, Director of
Business Development

Prior to joining MBM, Bob launched four companies in the medical nutrition field.  Each company addressed chronic medical disorders such as diabetes via specifically targeted nutrition products (rather than with drugs). All three start-ups were with staff and faculty at Harvard Medical School...

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Sabrina Nguyen,
Client Service Manager

Sabrina directly oversees the work of all of our account managers as they serve our clients’ billing needs.  Sabrina started with MBM 20 years ago in the physician billing department.  She has grown with the company, and has taken on more and more responsibility over the years. 

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