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About ABA Billing


Our Story

Three decades ago, long before Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices were widespread, we embarked on a mission. ABA Billing was born out of the need to serve the billing necessities of physician groups and ambulance services. Picture a world where all insurance claims were dispatched by hand, delivered via the U.S. Postal Service, and client accounts found their homes on ledger cards. That was our reality.

As pioneers in the field, we eagerly adopted one of the first-ever computer systems for medical billing – the old PCN DOS-based system. This early embrace of technology, combined with our relentless dedication, garnered the trust and loyalty of our clients. Today, our reach extends from the sandy shores of Bermuda to the sun-kissed beaches of California.

Pioneering ABA Billing

With the evolution of ABA practices, we recognized a growing need and swiftly expanded our expertise to serve ABA providers. Through the years, we've adeptly maneuvered through various billing systems, becoming maestros of platforms like CentralReach and AccuPoint, along with embracing newer systems on the horizon.

Solving Problems, One Claim at a Time

Whether it's resolving complex billing hiccups or liberating practices from the quagmire of billing responsibilities, we've become the go-to partners for countless clients. Our approach? Simply put, we fix problems. From billing to credentialing, from insurance enrollment difficulties to cash flow challenges, we've seen it all in our 34-year journey. And we've consistently turned challenges into opportunities.

Our Assurance

Our confidence in our services isn't just rhetorical. We proudly offer our clients a promise. If, within the first six months, we don't boost your receipts to exceed our service costs, we will not only give you $10,000 but also offer an option to terminate our contract. Because at ABA Billing, your success is our success.

Meet the Team

Senior Billing Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Senior Billing Team exemplifies experience and dedication. As your primary point of contact, they ensure consistent communication, direct oversight of the billing process, and hands-on team management. Their expertise guarantees not only meticulous handling of your billing needs but also a steadfast commitment to transparency and rapport. With them at the helm, you're in capable hands.

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