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ABA Revenue Cycle Management

Leveraging over three decades of experience, our revenue cycle management (RCM) process for ABA agencies ensures precision, speed, and increased revenue collection. Here's a snapshot of our systematic approach:

  1. Daily Oversight: Review and vet claims that clients finalize and approve each day.

  2. Claim Enhancement: Integrate necessary edits and modifiers to bolster the success rate of claim processing.

  3. Digital Dispatch: Electronically transmit claims to insurance payers using a trusted clearinghouse.

  4. Prompt Payments: Achieve a 90%-95% payment rate within just 7 to 30 days.

  5. Rejection Management: Address the 5%-10% of claims rejected at various stages, be it from the billing system, clearinghouse, or insurance adjudication.

  6. Focused Rectification: With our integrated approach, rejected claims are prominently visible in the accounts receivable report, allowing for immediate correction.

  7. Verified Outcomes: As evidenced by our ABA agency clients’ testimonials on our homepage (, affiliating with MBM has consistently enhanced their revenue streams.


Credential and Provider Enrollment

Credentialing is pivotal in ensuring a seamless flow of insurance reimbursements for healthcare practices. We specialize in the meticulous submission of applications to various insurance payers, tailoring our approach to each payer's unique requirements. With our expertise, you receive timely weekly updates on the status of every application. By entrusting us with this essential function, you can optimize office efficiency and achieve cost savings. Discuss with us how our dedicated credentialing services can enhance your practice's operations.


Provider Enrollment

In the realm of healthcare, provider enrollments and renewals stand as critical pillars of the credentialing process. At our company, we pride ourselves on a rich history of overseeing enrollments for a myriad of practices and a diverse range of providers. Our tailored services offer both a cost-effective and precise alternative to managing this intricate task in-house.

From the moment of application submission to the final stages of the enrollment process, our dedicated team meticulously tracks every detail. Furthermore, we prioritize transparent communication, ensuring our clients remain fully informed and confident at every step of the insurance enrollment journey.


Insurance Validation

Consistent insurance validation is essential to avoid claim rejections due to inaccuracies. While various clearinghouse services facilitate this, incorrect insurance details remain a predominant cause of claim denials. Ensuring the accuracy of such details is simple, and can be managed either by your practice's front desk or by a specialized service like MBM.

MBM offers this as an optional add-on, ensuring utmost precision. Alternatively, we're equipped to train your front desk to handle daily validations. Reach out to discuss the significance and specifics of our insurance validation process.


Authorizations and Pre-Authorizations

In healthcare, timely management of authorizations and pre-authorizations is crucial. While authorizations secure consent from insurance providers for specific medical services, pre-authorizations are preliminary approvals that confirm the necessity of a service before it's provided. Both steps are vital to prevent potential payment denials.

At MBM, we streamline this process. Our team efficiently manages reports identifying soon-to-expire authorizations, ensuring your practice is always ahead of potential disruptions. Alternatively, we offer training for your team to handle these reports internally. Whichever route you choose, our expertise ensures a smoother revenue cycle. Trust in MBM's commitment to optimizing your practice's operations at no additional cost.

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