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The ABA Billing Difference

For more than three decades, the MBM Team has dedicated itself to resolving the unique challenges of ABA billing. Whether it's clients that have previously been with other billing services that couldn't meet the specific demands of ABA billing, or those that tried managing in-house teams without success, our experience stands as a testament to our expertise.

Our reputation is built on consistently delivering results and transforming billing challenges into success stories. But don't just take our word for it. Let’s delve into three real-life case studies that demonstrate our ability to turn situations around.


The ABA Billing Guarantee

At ABA Billing, we don't just make promises — we back them up with concrete guarantees. We're so confident in our ability to deliver results that we make you this ironclad commitment: If within six months we cannot increase your collections rate by more than our fee, not only will we offer to terminate our contract, but we'll also pay you $10,000.

Why such a bold guarantee? Because we believe in our track record of consistently delivering exceptional results. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to meet the unique billing challenges you face. Whether we integrate seamlessly as a core part of your billing operations or provide expert guidance to fine-tune your processes, our focus remains unwaveringly on your success.

Don't let billing challenges hold you back. Reach out to us today, and together, let's identify and conquer your billing obstacles. Your solution might be just a conversation away.

Behavioral Concepts Inc. (BCI)

Challenge: As the program rapidly expanded to accommodate a growing number of children, BCI's in-house billing team found themselves overwhelmed. The increasing billing volume began to outpace their ability to manage it, resulting in inefficiencies.

Solution: MBM stepped in, introducing streamlined processes tailored to BCI's unique needs. Leveraging our comprehensive billing expertise, we ensured that no detail was overlooked, effectively managing the higher volume without compromising accuracy or efficiency.

Outcome: With MBM's intervention, BCI experienced an uptick in billing accuracy, faster processing times, and an overall smoother operational flow.

Credentialing and Claim Challenges

Challenge: The client's former billing company was inundated with an escalating volume of credentialing tasks. Coupled with the responsibility of managing charge volumes and persistently denied claims, their operations were on the brink of chaos.

Solution: Recognizing the multifaceted nature of the challenge, MBM developed a multi-pronged approach. We initiated systematic strategies to tackle credentialing, addressed the volume of charges, and implemented robust measures to manage and reduce denied claims.

Outcome: Through our comprehensive solutions, the client witnessed a drastic reduction in denied claims, a more organized credentialing system, and an overall enhanced efficiency in their billing process.

Navigating AccuPoint and Daily Operations

Challenge: A novice employee was tasked with billing responsibilities but encountered significant hurdles with the AccuPoint system. Basic daily tasks became a challenge, from sending claims and posting payments to handling denied claims.

Solution: Bringing our extensive familiarity with a multitude of systems, including AccuPoint, to the forefront, MBM provided a hands-on approach. We not only addressed immediate concerns but also implemented long-term solutions to ensure sustained efficiency.

Outcome: With our guidance, the client saw a swift transformation in their daily operations. The once cumbersome tasks were simplified, and the overall billing process became a well-oiled machine.

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