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Experienced staff, deep domain expertise; Well-connected with payers and legislators; Attentive customer service; We aggressively pursue all denied claims.

How Does That Help You?

We solve your billing problems, and prevent them from recurring.  When you call us, we listen to you and solve problems.  If we can’t solve your problems within the system, we’ll go outside the system.

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Welcome.  You’ve Found Your ABA Billing Experts

Thank you for visiting us at ababilling.com.  If you’re considering using an outside agency to manage your ABA billing,(Applied Behavior Analysis) you should consider outsourcing with us.  We’ve been providing medical billing services for the past 30 years, since 1990.  We have deep expertise in ABA billing. We can help you with a full spectrum of ABA billing services, ranging from credentialing and other pre-service support to on-going claims management and regular analytics.  Check out our free assessment with no obligation and again, welcome to ababilling.com.

See What Three Successful ABA Providers Say About Us

 Dr. Jeff Robinson

Dr. Jeff Robinson replaced his internal billing operations with our billing services.  Results- As Dr. Robinson says in this interview, his ABA agency, serving over 400 kids in the spectrum,  went from collecting approximately 69% of his insurance charges to collecting almost all of his insurance charges.

CEO Kimberly Cesario

Greater  Boston ABA Associates CEO Kim Cesario talks in this interview about the difficulties with billing and her decision to shift to MBM’s billing services.  Kim says in this interview that she has grown by ‘three times’ since shifting to MBM’s services.

Olta Kodra, Founder of SBS

Olta Kodra, Founder of SBS Strategic Behaviorial Solutions of Auburn, MA describes the smooth transition of her ABA billing department using the AccuPoint System under the direction of her new billing team at MBM, Inc.

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